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Evolution Edge Media: specializing in web design, online marketing, usability and multimedia solutions.

About Evolution Edge

Evolution Edge Media: specializing in web design, usability, search engine optimization, information architecture, analytics and multimedia development. Evolution Edge also provides music composition and audio production.

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Evolution Edge Experience and Skills

Evolution Edge Design Experience

As both a freelance designer and a member of online marketing organizations, I've developed a wide set of skills in building interactive, community-focused, user-friendly websites.

I've worked in the design industry for 9 years and have a strong balance of both creative and technical skills.

Evolution Edge XHTML/CSS Experience

I have a great deal of experience in hand-coding well-structured, clean, table-less and standards-compliant XHTML and CSS code.

Well-formatted, valid XHTML and CSS form the backbone to an effective technical structure. They are the technologies that provide the foundation on which all other elements rest.

Evolution Edge Usability Experience

In 2009, as part of a dissertation for a Masters degree in Information Systems, I carried out a year-long study into web usability, information architecture and user-centred design practices.

In the process I developed a thorough understanding of usability requirements and the critical role they play in effective web design.

Evolution Edge JavaScript Experience

I have experience in the use of JavaScript to bring dynamic and interactive elements to web sites.

I also have skills in the use of JS frameworks & libraries, including JQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous and Mootools, and in implementing DHTML features and AJAX/asynchronous functionality on web pages.

Evolution Edge Flash Experience

For years I've been using Flash to produce web and multimedia work. I also have experience with Flash’s scripting language, ActionScript.

The use of Flash, along with other animation, motion graphics, video and audio development tools, brings an interactive, time-based aspect to websites, and can lend a 'richness' to the presentation.

Evolution Edge Search Engine Optimization/Analytics Experience

I have a solid understanding of optimization design requirements, from meta tags to alt tags to the proper use of titles, keywords, headings and the importance of semantic code.

I also have experience in using site traffic analysis tools such as Google Analytics to examine user activity and in using this data to improve website performance.

Evolution Edge Multimedia Experience

I have experience in multimedia development and in using tools such as After Effects, Premiere, Maya, Flash, Sonar and Reason to create multimedia. I've also used Director and its scripting language, Lingo, to house the elements created by these different development technologies.

Finally, I've worked with various CD/DVD authoring tools to package the final product.